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The biggest reason you don’t follow through with your health goals

After being diagnosed with Wilson’s disease I started a crusade. My goal was beat this disease, no matter what. The study of epigenetics states that genes can be switched “on and off” based on the signals the body gets from the environment. In short, the way you live your life can affect the way your […]

How to eat Carbs to lose weight and get rid of pain

There is so much conflicting “expert” advice out there that only confuses and frustrates people who want real results. While relying on sound scientific evidence is important, you need to find what works for you. There are studies that support one theory and just as many studies support the apposing theory as well. By educating […]

Change the way you look at pain with this new discovery

Does your body violently complain when you eat certain foods?  Do you get bloated or feel sleepy after a meal? Food is one of the biggest factors contributing to a healthy body and mind. Being so crucial, you would think there would be some kind of agreement amongst experts. Unfortunately there isn’t. There is so […]